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      Providing the antibody reagents industry with fast, flexible, and reliable production and services.


      With one of the largest USDA-licensed llama immunization facilities in the country, our team produces high quality custom antibodies with flexible production options.

      Abcore Delivers
      Freshest cells for the highest quality products

      Animal bleeds are processed within 2-4 hours

      Proprietary technology for best-in-class results

      Ensuring maximum coverage of repertories, & high-yield clones

      Flexible service schedules to meet your needs

      Dedicated scientists on hand to coordinate and execute your project




      We release antibodies pre-conjugated to 22 tags to help you reduce background signals, and to save you time and money.

      Featured Product Categories

      We're constantly developing and releasing products to meet the needs of our customers.
      Here are some recent favorites.

      What’s New at Abcore

      Blog Post

      Welcome to the Abcore Blog!

      We are excited to have the opportunity to connect and interact with our loyal customers on our new blog. Ou

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